Ezy Approach Trailers - Utility & Maintenance

Utility & Maintenance

Amongst our diverse range of activities and products, we are an original equipment manufacturer of hydraulic lifting equipment and systems as well as a range of custom made trailers of all sizes.

In recent years we have matched our CAD skills and our hydraulic experience with our keen interest in designing and producing a unique trailer solution. The result is a range of trailers known as the APPROACH ANGLE SERIES – low approach angle trailers designed to carry low approach vehicles, plant and machinery. The models featured are called EZY APPROACH TRAILERS.

Each trailer is designed and engineered to exceed Australian Design Rules (ADR), Australian Standards and state/territory registration requirements. All our trailers are manufactured on site and every trailer is built to order to suit individual requirements.

We build to order and the extent of the solutions we can provide is only limited by our combined imagination. We aim to design a solution appropriate to your specific requirement. CARGO CAPACITY is calculated by subtracting the mass of the finished trailer (with options) from the ATM rating. The finished mass of the trailer is driven by the size (length) of the deck and the options included.

We use the HIGHEST QUALITY new components. The wheels, tyres, hubs and bearings are specially selected for the task with load ratings exceeding the requirement. We only use high tensile mild steel for structural components in our chassis – we source our steel from large steel merchants who can verify the origin of materials. We DO NOT use cheap imported steel.

Also available is our NEW retractable drawbar option – available on the Nevco Ezy Approach ZERO model. The drawbar stows in a vertical position for compact storage. View the demonstration in the video below.