Mail handling project for TNT ‘Superhub’ Facilities

Nevco was selected to design and manufacture a scalable solution for TNT to deliver a modular parcel handling cart to new global logistic hubs. 


The testimonial below details the project and Nevco’s approach to providing a superior solution, on time. 

“I am writing to provide advocacy and testimonial to the specialist engineering design, development and delivery performance and continued ongoing operational support capabilities of Nevco Engineering. 

As Oceania Engineering and Project Manager for TNT Global Freight and Logistics, (now a subsidiary of FedEx), I was responsible for the end to end development, delivery and operationalisation of a $290M operations and infrastructure transformation project. 

Within the project, a critical operational issue was identified whereby existing handling systems for oversized freight (that could not be sorted using the automated system) could not be used in the new facilities. As such a complete redesign, manufacture and delivery of the bespoke equipment was required; within less than 4 months, across 3 states and during Christmas peak for our global business. 

Nevco was selected as part of a competitive tender process due to their ability to rapidly investigate the need, develop a thoroughly refined design and manufacture a scalable solution that ensured our new global logistic hubs could be operationalised on time. 

Importantly, Nevco maintained a highly consultative approach yet were able to provide independent, needs based assessment of the operations (including training/support/manual development) requirements. This approach delivered to TNT a modular parcel handling cart that was over 60% lighter than existing equipment, provided over 50% greater payload and was readily serviceable and upgradable using readily available local parts. 

As such, the Nevco designed and manufactured equipment set a new benchmark for products of its kind in the global freight and logistics market. 

I would also like to confirm that in the 2 years post-delivery of these bespoke solutions, Nevco has maintained a high level of operations, spare parts and continuous improvement support to TNT. This support ensures that Nevco bespoke solutions provide an ongoing and critical contribution to TNT global on time delivery performance targets. 

In short Nevco Engineering provided to TNT, a benchmark end to end design, development, manufacturing and operationalisation solution.

I welcome the opportunity to provide  more detailed advocacy to the benchmark capabilities of Nevco and the quality of this high performing Australian company.” – Iain Gibson | Director – Commercial Sense Infrastructure & Environmental


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