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Car & Motorsport Trailers

We build our car & motorsport trailers to order and the extent of the solutions we can provide is only limited by our combined imagination. We aim to design a solution appropriate to your specific car carrying requirement. CARGO CAPACITY is calculated by subtracting the mass of the finished trailer (with options) from the ATM rating. The finished mass of the car or motorsport trailer is driven by the size (length) of the deck and the options included.

SINGLE or DUAL AXLE Trailer?? Our high capacity single axle sets allow an ATM of up to 3300kg. The running gear is carefully selected to match. Our approach is to only add axles as the cargo capacity requires although an additional benefit with a dual axle format is that a longer cargo deck is possible without having excessive rear overhang – exit and approach angles as well as rear swing when turning. When the cargo deck length exceeds 5300mm we suggest considering a dual axle trailer format.

Our range of vehicle trailers has been designed to make use EZY:

  • EZY loading – no need for ramps. Hydraulic lifting mechanism raises and lowers the deck effortlessly offering as low as 3 DEGREES APPROACH ANGLE
  • EZY care of vehicle – drive on/drive off with no damage to vehicle.
  • EZY handling – zero turn manoueverability. Single or dual axle.
  • EZY storage – collapsible design means both vehicle and trailer can use the same parking space. Designed for daily drive on, drive off storage.
  • EZY cargo capacity – customised deck size and choice of cargo capacities – see specifications below.
  • EZY options – electric winch, tyre rack, stone guard, spares package, equipment storage AND partial or full enclosure are available.
The cargo deck length is determined by the best balance point accommodation of the vehicle(s) to be transported. We require axle weights, wheelbase and front and rear overhang measurements to determine the ideal deck length and optimum positioning of the axles. We are able to design a layout with the diversity to carry equipment with varied weight distribution (either front or rear engine vehicles).

Call one of our Trailer Specialists on 02 9631 4733 to discuss your car & motorsport trailer requirements.


Base Pricing - Single Axle

medium dutyheavy duty
Cargo CapacityUp to 1800kg Up to 2200kg
Cargo deck width2000mm1950mm
Overall width2500mm2500mm
Cargo deck lengthTailored to suit your requirementsTailored to suit your requirements
Approach angleLess than 3° for deck length >5000mmLess than 3° for deck length >5000mm
Base price* (HI RISE)from $12,660from $14,100

Base Pricing - Dual Axle

Cargo capacityUp to 2500kgUp to 3300kg
Cargo deck widthUp to 2000mmUp to 1950mm
Overall width2500mm2500mm
Cargo deck length Tailored to suit your requirementsTailored to suit your requirements
Approach angleLess than 3° for deck length >5000mmLess than 3° for deck length >5000mm
Base price* (HI RISE)from $19,950from $23,550
* All pricing is ex Nevco works, excludes on-road costs and excludes GST. All trailers are custom built to order. ** For customers outside Australia please contact us for local landing pricing.


EZY APPROACH automated system.
Electrically activated hydraulic pump.
Deep cycle 12V battery.
LED battery condition monitor.
12" X 2" electric break away brakes.
Heavy duty axles.
6 stud steel wheels.
High load index tyres.
7 pin trailer plug inc. brake control circuit.
50 Amp charging circuit.
LED lighting.
Stainless steel mud guards.
Light ALLOY extension ramps (if required).
Up to 2030mm wide open deck.
Nevco Integrated Tie Down System (NITS) along outer wheel tracks.
4 OFF tie down sets to suit NITS.
Nevco HI RISE swing arm (NOTE - HI RISE swing arm allows vehicle doors to open when trailer is elevated).
Fulton F2 jockey wheel on multi height draw bar.
Special paint preparation - oven baked - abrasive blast, epoxy zinc primer and paint - paint colour matching also available.