Camper Trolley – Trailer Towing System

Nevco Engineering is the Sydney dealer for the CAMPER TROLLEY.

The CAMPER TROLLEY makes maneuvering trailers, caravans, boats and other towing devices into position easily, quickly and safely.

The CAMPER TROLLEY is the ideal accompaniment to the Nevco EZY APPROACH Trailer and takes full advantage of the design features of the trailer.

The Nevco EZY APPROACH Trailer’s collapsible drawbar design (and ground lowering feature) means that only one car parking space is required to store the trailer and vehicle. The CAMPER TROLLEY assists by maneuvering the trailer into even the tightest of storage areas. The CAMPER TROLLEY can remain attached to the trailer and a simple hand-held remote control means total flexibility in relation to how the trailer is positioned – rear or nose first.

Manuevering devices becomes an easy, safe, one-person operation.

The all-terrain CAMPER TROLLEY will have your towing load positioned perfectly in no time.

Impressive little mover with big grunt

  • Operates like a mini-bulldozer – puts an end to endless reversing and backbreaking lifting and pushing. 
  • Powerful twin planetary gear motors – forwards, backwards, left and right movements at the touch of a button.
  • Heavy duty, rubber caterpillar tracks at home on virtually any surface – grass, hard soil or gravel as well as concrete and asphalt.
  • Powerful motors can move up to 4.5 tonne load on inclines of up to 10 degrees at a travel speed of nine metres a minute.
  • Lithium Polymer re-chargeable battery.
  • Designed in Denmark and incorporates industrial grade materials and cutting edge technology and microelectronics.
  • 3 Models available:
    • CT1500 – for moving devices up to 1.5 tonnes – $2800 + GST ex Nevco
    • CT2500 – for moving devices up to 2.5 tonnes – $4255 + GST ex Nevco
    • CT4500 – for moving devices up to 4.5 tonnes – $5800 + GST ex Nevco

Contact us on 02 9631 4733 to discuss your requirements.

Nevco is able to provide custom made brackets to suit any drawbar and device (not included in the price of the CAMPER TROLLEY). If the bracket supplied with the CAMPER TROLLEY is not suitable for your device Nevco guarantees a solution to make it work.