Mail handling project for TNT ‘Superhub’ Facilities

Nevco was selected to design and manufacture a scalable solution for TNT to deliver a modular parcel handling cart to new global logistic hubs.  ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   The testimonial below details the project and Nevco’s approach to … Continue reading

Ducati SPORTCLASSIC rear lowering kit

Rear suspension lowering kit NOW available to purchase for Ducati SPORTCLASSIC model. Custom made component to give the seat drop you require – for either cosmetic reasons (for a more classic look) or simply ground reach – the kit in … Continue reading

Let us help you deliver your competitive advantage – Utility Trailer to carry mobile storage boxes

This Nevco Ezy Approach ZERO Utility Trailer has been designed and manufactured to facilitate the transportation of mobile STORAGE BOXES. The heavy duty structure featured in the images below includes a compact deck size, nylon runners, box guides and ‘L’ track restraints for absolute ease of … Continue reading

Nevco Ezy Approach DA Trailer for RACV Mildura Roadcare

Nevco Ezy Approach delivery to Wagga Wagga. This Dual Axle trailer with heavy duty winch is ready for work alongside the RACV Mildura Roadcare vehicle.  

Lazy Axle Function Option

Nevco offers yet another brilliant feature to further improve the ease of use offered by the low approach angle range of trailers. The Lazy function offers greater ease of maneuverability for the Ezy Approach Dual Axle trailer. Whatever your load carrying … Continue reading

Nevco Ezy Approach ZERO Utility Trailer to carry SULO waste bins

This newly completed Nevco Ezy Approach ZERO Utility Trailer features hydraulic deck lowering technology and hydraulically activated rear tailgate. When lowered the deck sits completely flat to the ground for ease of loading and unloading. This custom built deck and side restraint … Continue reading

NEW Nevco Ezy Approach ZERO retractable drawbar feature

The Nevco Ezy Approach ground loading trailer specialists have added another unique and practical design feature to the range. A retractable drawbar that allows for EZY and efficient storage of your trailer. It is a clever design that offers simple … Continue reading

Customise your Nevco Ezy Approach Trailer Deck

The Nevco Ezy Approach Trailer has been cleverly designed so that options and appropriate features may be added as required. It is possible to add options such as a storage unit, stone guard, ramp pockets and motor sport related tyre … Continue reading


NEVCO’S EZY APPROACH “FLAT LOADING” TRAILER Suitable for transporting low approach angle plant, machinery and vehicles. The applications for our “flat loading” EZY APPROACH ZERO technology are only limited by your imagination! Loading and unloading is a SAFE and EZY … Continue reading

Nevco continues to provide solutions

Custom ground loading trailer Nevco Engineering is the originator of the EZY APPROACH trailer – a hydraulically activated trailer allowing the deck of the trailer to sit flat on the ground for EZY and safe ground loading. Our custom designed … Continue reading