Customise your Nevco Ezy Approach Trailer Deck

The Nevco Ezy Approach Trailer has been cleverly designed so that options and appropriate features may be added as required. It is possible to add options such as a storage unit, stone guard, ramp pockets and motor sport related tyre rack and roll on/off pit trolleys. These items are modular and bolt-on to the structural flanges located around the front of the trailer deck.

The trailer deck surface is able to be customised depending upon your carrying requirements. Cargo deck centre cladding may be added as required as well as additional restraint systems.

The images below illustrate the flexibility of the design. The mounted “L” track has been used together with a wheel restraint system which is designed to lock/click into the “L” track to transport motorcycles.

The “bolt on” storage and load carrying options are available as required. As pictured below your branding requirements will also be taken care of. Contact one of our trailer experts on 02 9631 4733 to discuss your requirements.




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