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Custom ground loading trailer

Nevco Engineering is the originator of the EZY APPROACH trailer – a hydraulically activated trailer allowing the deck of the trailer to sit flat on the ground for EZY and safe ground loading. Our custom designed and fabricated product truly unique in the market place. The design team developed the technology to address clear gaps in the market and to deliver against well researched consumer insights.

The team at Nevco has evolved the design to address the requirement for added flexibility and dual usage.

Customer requirement: 

  • A ground loading EZY APPROACH trailer to carry a vehicle as well as spare tyres and a storage requirement.
  • A ground loading EZY APPROACH trailer to carry plant including a street sweeper.

Nevco’s Solution:

A dual usage Nevco EZY APPROACH trailer that features:

  • EZY and safe loading – hydraulic lifting mechanism raises and lowers the deck to ground level.
  • Nevco Integrated Tie-down System (NITS) on deck of trailer for flexibility of tie-down points .
  • Stainless Tyre Rack Storage and Stone Guard.
  • Integrated equipment storage.
  • Bolt on wheel tracks for secure and safe transportation of plant including street sweeper including fold away ramp tracks. 

The team at Nevco Engineering create solutions and technology to maximise your return on investment.

For your lifting and transporting requirements contact one of our Trailer Specialists by calling 02 9631 4733.

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