Feeling inspired by the new film ‘CHEF’?

Have you seen the comedy film ‘Chef’ yet? It is the story of Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) who loses his white linen restaurant chef job and focuses his passion and creativity on cooking up a food truck business.

The mobile food business is well and truly alive in Australia following in the footsteps of the US market. The initial food truck craze in the US market is now a fixture and is headed in the same direction in the Australian market.

The food on offer is gourmet, authentic … prepared and cooked with passion. The service is fast and the price affordable. Food trucks and trailers have created a new food product that has captured the hearts and souls of the dining population.

Food trucks and mobile food trailers offer a cost effective and creative way of entering the food and beverage market. The ongoing costs of running a mobile food outlet are generally considerably less than that of a fixed venue.

At Nevco Engineering we design and manufacture mobile catering solutions to suit your requirements. The only limit to what is possible is your imagination! Our proven technology offers a catering trailer that lowers to the ground offering service at eye level. Designs are modular to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Let your passion and creativity determine your future! For information on what is possible contact one of our passionate experts to discuss your mobile catering requirements.



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