Customise your ground loading trailer to suit your requirements

At Nevco we pride ourselves on offering high quality engineered solutions.

We are the originator of the Nevco Ezy Approach ground lowering trailer technology. We offer proven technology and deliver custom solutions to meet your requirements.

Our range of Ezy Approach trailers are designed to carry low approach vehicles, plant and machinery, general equipment (mining, construction, maintenance, catering, commercial filming equipment etc…), airport ground support, mobile catering solutions, promotional booths and the list goes on. The only limit to what is possible is your imagination!

Each Nevco Ezy Approach trailer is designed and engineered to exceed Australian Design Rules (ADR), Australian Standards and state/territory registration requirements. All our trailers are manufactured on site and every trailer is built to order to suit individual requirement.

The options available to customise your trailer solution include (however are not limited to): storage solutions, deck size, capacity requirements, single or dual axle, open or covered, internal stainless steel fit out, customised decking and tie-down solutions, retractable drawbar for storage requirements, on-deck restraint systems, paint selection and more. Click for more information on how we can customise a Nevco Ezy Approach Trailer to suit your requirements.

The images below showcase just a selection of customised Nevco Ezy Approach solutions.


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